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I Further Agree That Neither This Website Nor Its Affiliates Will Be Held Responsible For Any Legal Ramifications Arising From Any Fraudulent Entry Into Or Use Of This Website; I Understand That My Use Of This Website Is Governed By The Website’S Terms Which I Have Reviewed And Accepted, And I Agree To Be Bound By Such Terms. § 1746 And Other Applicable Statutes And Laws That All Of The Following Statements Are True And Correct: I Have Attained The Age Of Majority In My Jurisdiction; The Sexually Explicit Material I Am Viewing Is For My Own Personal Use And I Will Not Expose Any Minors To The Material; I Desire To Receive/View Sexually Explicit Material; I Believe That As An Adult It Is My Inalienable Constitutional Right To Receive/View Sexually Explicit Material; I Believe That Sexual Acts Between Consenting Adults Are Neither Offensive Nor Obscene; The Viewing, Reading And Downloading Of Sexually Explicit Materials Does Not Violate The Standards Of Any Community, Town, City, State O

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